More Lego Shermans. Firefly variant, as well as the standard 75 mm version.

The British Firefly was a Sherman retro-fitted with a 17 pounder. Until the arrival of the more potent American M26 Pershing, this Sherman variant was valued as the only allied tank on the western front capable of doing damage to German “Panther” and “Tiger” tanks.

Fireflies were distinguished by the longer barrels of the 17 pounder, as German anti-tank crews came to notice. Efforts to make regular 75mm Shermans and Fireflies indistinguishable were taken. One of them was to camouflage the Firefly’s barrel to make it appear shorter, hoping that it would blend in with the other accompanying Shermans. This is reflected in my model.

Notice the brace in the top picture to support the extended barrel during travel.

Lowering the chassis by one plate was sooo worth it. I’m not going to bother to shoot a photo of it with the fugly 76 mm turret mkay.

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